As a Chinese proverb says – ‘He who plants a garden, plants happiness.’

A garden doesn’t look the same without flowers or plants, right? Whether you plant them in your garden or indoor pots, you can’t find any excuse not to do so. There’s not a lot of maintenance involved and the end result is, well, gorgeous.

I mean, we all crave for a good looking lawn, but there’s more to a garden than that, isn’t it? Some gorgeous flowers like Daffodils will sure beautify the look of yours. There are so many varieties that it’s impossible not to find one that you’ll love. The daffodils were brought to Britain by the Romans who, funnily enough, thought that the sap had healing powers. With or without healing powers, daffodils is still one of my all-time favourite flowers.

Or, why not plant some veggies? Nothing really beats the taste of a fresh salad, and most of them are quite easy to plant as well. Talking about taste – you’ll never find one that tastes the same in any supermarket. Nothing beats the taste and commodity of some homemade vegetables. I could keep going on and on about how to plant your own vegetables but it really comes down to your own, personal preferences. What I found is that whoever starts doing it, will never go back. It’s kinda addictive. Therefore, if space isn’t an issue – you should definitely take advantage of it.

Garden Ornaments: ah, here we are! Nothing’s more exciting than an amusing garden ornament, they surely add a lot of personality to your garden. Yet again, there are so many options available – hence the reason we created a list with some of the most unusual ones and our personal best.