About Us

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

We’re Vince and Roxy and we’ve been happily married for nearly 5 years. Phew, time flies!

Everyone says we make a great team together – I wish I could believe that! But, either way, we both have our own passions!

She’s doing an awesome work in the garden – and not only (our conservatory is full of veggies and flower pots), while I’m trying my best to be the family handyman.

Along the years, we bought and tested a lot of different stuff, some of them blended in while others were just a waste of space and money.

Not long ago, Roxy came up with the idea of starting our very own website after looking for an effective moss killer.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen (drum roll), here it is – our very own Practical Home!

We plan to discuss everything related to the beautiful place we call home, what works, what doesn’t and, more importantly, what could work.

So stay tuned!

And please, don’t ever hesitate to get in touch with us (contact@wordpress-859851-2970763.cloudwaysapps.com), we’d love to hear your story!

Take care,
Vince & Rox x